1Up Retro x Rarehouse NFT Release

We teamed up with 1UP Retro Clothing to release a collection of insanely rare vintage clothing pieces as NFTS connected to the physical products. That’s right, we think we’re the first in the world creating vintage clothing NFTs. And you can be the first in the world to own vintage clothing NFTs.

Here’s how it works. Buy the NFT of the vintage piece you want. You’ll receive the NFT and the clothing will be shipped to your mailing address. Begin building your collection of “digital twin” NFTs and you’ll be able to resell on our marketplace whenever you want. This is also a great way to catalog your clothing if you ever need to reference it, share it or trade it.

All of us here at OfficialNFT love this use case. Vintage pieces are to be coveted and how valuable is a digital catalog of your most coveted pieces in your pocket or on your desktop. It also solves a fantastic problem associated with buying vintage clothing. You’ll buy the piece and months or weeks later you can’t remember the details. The year it was made, why it’s special, interesting facts about the piece of clothing. The NFT can contain all that info and keep it readily available for you or for when you put the piece of clothing back on the market.

Check out our first collaboration with 1Up Retro and these super rare pieces you can own both IRL and the metaverse!


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