OfficialNFT — Launching Harajuku Waifu’s first collection today, Friday, August 27th at 10:00am PST. Harajuku Waifu is a collectible series of waifus with a keen streetwear sense. NFT waifus superbly illustrated in very rare iconic streetwear pieces.

Harajuku Waifu is a collection of 1,000 Waifu NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Binance Smart Chain. Weekly drops of Harajuku Waifu until we’ve completed the release of 1,000 waifu NFTs. Holding a Harajuku Waifu NFT grants access to members-only benefits such as the ability to purchase apparel and accessories illustrated in the unique NFTs.

Each Harajuku Waifu is unique and generated from 6 different waifu characters. Each character has their own sense of style, taste and personality. Some waifus are more into vintage looks, others are into sneakers. All the waifus stay fresh. However, there are waifu NFTs that are more desirable than others purely because of the rarity and drippiness of their kit. This is what makes the waifus insanely collectible.

Harajuku Waifus will collaborate with brands and artists to create special release NFTs celebrating the collaboration.

The Harajuku Waifus are stored as Bep-721 tokens on the Binance blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a waifu costs 250 $OFCL ($162.50 USD)