$OFCL Token Air Drop 001

Our very first token air drop is about to go down! We want every single person that’s ever bought an Official® product, follows our instagram or other socials to benefit from rocking with us by holding some $OFCL token. This is our way of saying thank you for making Official® what it is and introducing you to our newest platform OfficialNFT®.

What is an Air Drop?

An air drop is an event in which we distribute our $OFCL utility token for FREE into your Metamask wallet. Let’s break that down a bit more for you:
$OFCL Utlity Token — We’ve made our own utility token for all transactions on our OfficialNFT® platform. The token is currently in pre sale and in the next phase our token will be listed on Pancake Swap. The current price is significantly lower than what our token will be listed for on Pancake Swap. This is where the opportunity for early holders is to make some gains. And that’s great if you 10x, 100x or 1000x the $OFCL token we air drop to you or any that you purchase. But that’s not our objective, this is a token to be used for all transactions on our platform. So when you see an NFT that you want, you’ll have $OFCL token in your wallet to purchase it immediately.

How do you participate in the Air Drop?

  1. Create a user account here: https://token.officialnft.xyz/login

2. If you have a Metamask wallet with a Binance wallet address then simply copy and paste it into your “Receiving Wallet Address” on the user account you’ve created or already have.

3. If you do not have a metamask wallet, add the extension to your web browser here: https://metamask.io/ . We also have instructions for adding Metamask wallet: https://docs.officialnft.xyz/faq/how-to-install-metamask

4. Then follow the instructions here to add Binance Smart Chain and $OFCL token to your metamask wallet. From here in the section “Connect Your Wallet To Binance Smart Chain” : https://docs.officialnft.xyz/faq/how-to-buy

5. Once you have your Metmask Binance wallet address simply copy and paste it into your “Receiving Wallet Address” on the user account you’ve created or already have.

Why Participate in the air drop?

Well, if you’re familiar with air drops then it’s easy and you’re getting FREE money. So why not?

If you’ve never participated in an airdrop and don’t have a crypto wallet this is an awesome opportunity to get some FREE money and learn more about this crypto world. Having a metamask wallet is a key to your future and this is a great way to set all that up. Adding Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet is another useful component and reason to participate.

And lastly, you’re participating in Official’s NFT platform, the economy of the future and benefiting from your belief in our brand by holding our $OFCL token. We’re basically handing out FREE tickets to the moon and asking you to jump in the rocket!

We look forward to getting you your $OFCL token air drop! Go create your user account now! https://token.officialnft.xyz/login

OfficialNFT® is a dynamic NFT ecosystem that enables individuals, artists, brands and entities to mint and deploy a suite of highly customizable smart contracts