OfficialNFT® flips 3D Punks.

Community Collab OfficialNFT® drops 3D Punks flipped NFTs. Buy an NFT in the drop and get the Official product featured in the NFT shipped to you upon purchase!

3D Punks were just begging for some Official products on them. We couldnt resist the temptation to kit these punks with pieces that compliment their respective styles. OfficialNFT® connects physical products with NFTs giving us the perfect opportunity to flip a 3D Punk with Official product and then ship the owner of that NFT the Official product featured in the NFT. Connecting the blockchain to real life, that’s what it’s all about.

3D Punk is by far the most successful flip of the Cryptopunk phenomenon. 100 different 3D punks were minted on OpenSea and have maintained a vibrant community since their inception. The project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.

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