OffiialNFT set to release its first “rarehouse” NFTs.

Official breaks NFT ground by releasing “digital twin” NFTs of its own vintage headwear

On Tuesday, August 3rd 2021 and 12pm PST, Official will release 4 vintage hats from its own “rarehouse” inventory as NFTs connected to physical products. “We wanted to introduce our NFT platform’s capability with products we hold nearest and dearest to us, rare hats from our brand’s history. This is a unique and differentiated way for us to make our most coveted deadstock products available in both the physical and digital world simultaneously.” Explains Official founder, Jason Maggio.

Buyers purchase the NFT and the physical “twin” to the NFT is shipped from Official’s warehouse to the new owner. Owning something in the physical world and having a “digital twin” of its existing for eternity on the blockchain has uncountable benefits. Official looks forward to building out this solution with its own products in addition to offering the capability to brands and creators building NFT concepts that need a robust platform to support their NFT endeavors.

Official has built a platform that enables NFT minters to connect physical products, access and experiences to NFTs. Owning a “digital twin” of physical product has many different use cases. Once you purchase the NFT, you have a record and certificate of ownership. You can easily sell the product and NFT on the marketplace by simply making it buyable on the marketplace. The listing was already created at the minting, the work is done, you just put it back on the market when you’re ready. The “digital twin” NFTs you hold become the story of you. They tell you what you’ve owned and what it looked like long after the product is gone. How many of us can’t find that vintage Starter jacket we bought years ago and can’t recall the who, what, where’s of the purchase? If we had a “digital twin” NFT that information is always accessible and lives for eternity on the blockchain. We can show our mate, the sick Starter we used to own via NFT and save him the agony of our cloudy description of how sick it was.

Check the officialNFT website at 12pm PST this Tuesday to view and purchase these newly minted NFTs.